Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dirty Business Down Under

January Magazine has chosen Gunshot Road by Adrian Hyland as one of the best books of 2010.  Hyland’s latest offers more than the average crime drama.  Gunshot Road is the story of a young aborigine woman named Tempest who becomes a rookie cop in the Outback.  When an elderly man is murdered in a remote village, her first lead brings her to the man’s friend, who confesses to the crime.  Her boss considers the case closed, but something tugs at Tempest, until she decides to strike out on her own, following leads and using her native skills to look deeper into the man’s death.

This offering from Soho Crime takes the reader on a different tour of Australia, foregoing the beautiful beaches and lush cities for the dust and blood of the less traveled roads Down Under.  Tempest is as far from the typical crime novel protagonist as she can get, and offers an exciting struggle that is all her own as she digs for, and finds, danger on her quest for the truth.  If you’re looking for a fresh tale to keep you reading in suspense, check out Gunshot Road.

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